I’ve started to make an art journal thingie recently. This is one of the first pages, based on a conversation i had with my mother, done entirely with acrylics.

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Hello, friends.
I’ll get straight to the point. I need money, terribly. I’m in debt and I have no face to ask more from my parents. Today I found myself counting the last bits. So since I’m in the the mid-year break, I decided to open up comissions. These will mostly be fasties, like sketch comissions, but I’m also open for offers for full paintings. Because I’m in my parents’ house, I won’t be able to do digital paintings, so it will have to wait until I return home.

Tradational comissions could be sent to you personally other than scans, as postcards as such if you want to. Might take a bit more because of the shipping and location, but I will scan it first, then send it.

Once spoken about the piece, slight changes might be made according to the details and such; up or down; but it will be somewhere around these. I CANNOT draw porn, I’m sorry. I might draw gore though, we need to talk about that.

Have to make this PayPal only, because of the place I live in. I’ve only written dollars but I accept euro as well, same price more or less. I’d like to have the payments upfront but I understand if you don’t want to, so it is your choice between this or that: For sketch comissions I will have the payment upfront; for more detailed work, the half will be paid before, when I showed the sketch, then I will send the full picture at the same time I have the rest. I’m sorry, but this is how it should be. I need to guarantee myself as well.

If interested, you can contact me through zeiizeo89@gmail.com. Any questions can come to me through my ask or mail.

Reblogging because I’m still in need, more than before…

Going to the vet!

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Second for school. Raccoon!

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Made an owl postcard for school!

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Sketched in the class again… I know, I’m a great student, yeah.

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Sketching my mother’s face. I’m gonna paint her as a late surprise b-day gift and give it to her next week when I visit them. I hope I can manage :C

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Had time to kill so why not have a selfie

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The work I did for the Diablo FanArt contest! I’m so excited about it X3 I know there’ll be awesome artists out there but I’d regret it forever if I wouldn’t join… I’m dropping this here but I’ll submit a couple of hours later in case I’ll see an error later…

Splatted some color on that barbarian sketch. Gonna work on some details on her armor now.

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